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Earth Eucalyptus Heart Shampoo + Conditioner Bar

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We love planet Earth and our fellow humans!  That's why a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Earth themed shampoo + conditioner bar goes to our friends at Generosity.org.  This incredible non-profit organization is committed to providing access to clean water for the 1+ billion people on our planet who lack this basic facet of life. 

Take better care of your body and the environment with naturally sweet shampoo + conditioner bars that minimize unnecessary packaging and maximize your beautiful mane!

Each bar is made with the finest ingredients for shinier, healthier hair and lasts for 60 - 80 washes which reduces the use of plastic bottles.

How to use:

  1. Get your hair wet
  2. Massage the bar over and around your head until achieving a good lather.
  3. Put the bar in a place where it can air dry until the next use. 

We 💕 shampoo + conditioner bars because:

They reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating plastic waste. Yay Planet Earth! 🌎😎

Compact and lightweight, they're perfect for travel. Did somebody say road trip!? 🚗💨

Super concentrated bar outlasts bulky shampoo and conditioner bottles. Yay for saving money! 💵 😍