SockDock® Sock Washing Tool (Blue and White)

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Save your sanity with SockDock® .... a simple and easy-to-use sock washing tool that keeps socks in pairs during laundering, drying and storage, so you never have to sort, combine or search for socks ever again.


Hang a SockDock® in the basket or door knob.

After removing the socks from your feet, place the dirty pair between 2 sliders on the SockDock® (starting with the bottom 2 sliders). Adjust the top slider down to the socks (not too tight). Once it's full of dirty socks, remove the hanger and throw the SockDock® in the washer and dryer with other clothes.

Hang SockDock® with clean socks in the closet.

Features and benefits:

* Wash, dry and store socks

* 2 packages: one for clean socks, one for dirty socks

* Each SockDock® has 9 pairs of socks

* Works with socks of any size (baby - adult)

* Suitable for washer, dryer (certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories)

* The cable will not fade or bleed

* Also works with headbands, gloves, hats, scarves, underwear and underwear.

* Save time, save money and make home less chaotic

*** SockDock® is designed to go in the washer and dryer with OTHER LAUNDRY ***