WonderSip One Click Open Reusable Straw - Leaf Long 4PCs Pack (Glitter Pink/Glitter Blue)

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We are so excited to introduce our revolutionary “One-Click Open” reusable straw!

  • Featuring “One-Click Open” technology for effective cleaning
  • Crafted in a One-Piece Design so you’ll never lose a part
  • No Brush Needed! Simply click open to clean in various ways
  • Two Way Use, sip in style with the button up or reverse the straw to use the button as a straw stopper
  • Unique button styles, can also use the button as a straw holder

 Created with safety in mind:

  • Made with Recyclable, BPA Free, Food Grade Polypropylene (PP), the same material made for most baby bottles and food containers
  • Eco friendly, FDA approved, leak proof, super hygienic, hot/cold resistant, no metal/silicone taste, and dishwasher efficient!

 Also comes with:

  • A reusable linen carrying pouch (sustainably made, of course!)

 Dimensions: Long size for large size cups/bottles, 10.5” length and 8mm diameter

 With WonderSip straws, there’s no need to wonder about what kind of germs are living inside of your reusable straw.